Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Let go of Grudges !! Gal mithi mithi bol.....

"How many persons do you complacently despise in your life?? Those whom you wish  to be as extinct from your life as is your visualization for dinosaur  . Count the number of persons you love to hate and bring equivalent number of potatoes in the next class"... A teacher asked his students.

                                           Next morning students assembled in the class room with their bag packs full of potatoes.  Few carried one, some four , five , six and the rich ones carried twelve potatoes . And, there stood their Master with knife in his hand. Students were amazed and perceived that sir is in a mood for making potato curry today. All the observations remain surmised.
                        "Engrave, the name of  the persons you abhorred, on potatoes with knife.Make sure one potato has one name." Teacher commanded to his students," Now put all the potatoes inside your bag packs and let us go for outing."  Everybody got enthusiastic and geared themselves for the journey. They followed the instructor and  lifted their bag packs on shoulders and started.

                 They covered miles following the silent Teacher who did not answer where they were heading towards. They moved on and on....After some time, the journey that initially seemed to be lively now kept everyone engaged in adjusting cumbersome bag packs on their shoulders. With the passage of some more time, when everyone was at the brink of fatigue the rotten smell of potatoes annoyed them and made them unviable to tread a path. Their was no halt and the journey was unbearable now and what annoyed them most was their Master's silence.
                                Finally, teacher broke the silence and declared journey was over. Students, struggled to reposition their hands, untwisted their arms and placed their bags down with sigh of relief. Everybody was shocked when they realized that they were returned to place from where they started.
                             "Here we are! Wasn't the journey exciting!", Teacher said.  " Sir , what did you say?? Exxx...citing??", said flabbergasted students.

Teacher justified," Oh yes! The waterfall that we came across in the middle of our journey was so serene.And, that colorful garden, where birds chirped and butterflies hovered was eye soothing. The morning mist that burned when  the Sun caste its radiance at the landscape."

                                         " No ", teacher explained," because your mind was arrested to carefully carry those hefty bags of  potatoes that engraved  your enemies name and smelled so badly. Still you manged  to carry them, throughout your way.You did not happen to see the scenic beauty on the way of your journey."

                                    Life is like a journey. It is in our hands to decide if we want to travel light by dispersing all the grudges from our heart, soul and mind so that we can cherish the good moments of our life throughout the journey or we want to travel heavy with complaints, hatred and distrust. We keep ourselves busy in cursing others and their shortcomings that we become oblivious to real purpose of our live--to be happy under every circumstances.We do not stop admiring rose because it has thorns with it.
                                          Negativity creeps our mind and we never try to encourage the positive things around . We become too ignorant  and we refused to let it go..Why?? It is just because of our unwillingness to let it go of. We entrap ourselves in frustration for others that makes real beauty of our life go unnoticed. The solution lies within us. We just need to see our  life from the opposite angle which reflects the definition of only love, joy and laugh.
                                         It is very easy to yell at someone..easy to curse them and finding faults ..DO THE DIFFICULT. DO NOT REACT.
                                Everybody wishes to love and enjoy his/her own  life, then why don't we focus on just living it that way.... Love never asks us to hate. It always asks us to praise. Love together..Laugh Together..Let go of all the complaints...Life is too short for billions and trillions of complaints to be addressed. Accept and praise people as they are. And always remember :

                               Gal mithi mithi bol.........Ras kaano wich ghol....... :) :) 


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  2. Good thought Mitul...What is the source of this one? Also, I strongly feel each of us carry a lot of baggage (from our past) and it is important for us to keep the baggage at one place and travel light in our journey of life. Will be writing a post soon on Past - What is gone is really gone. Do check out my blog too at

    Keep writing.

    Thanks Shikha for recommending this one... Cheers. Kartik

    1. Thankyou Kartik..

      Rightly said by you, that we carry a lot of things from our past..and we should try not to add further to our bag that is already been loaded.

      It is nice to connect with your blog!